Complete World GIS Data Bundle + 1yr Updates

Complete World GIS Data Bundle + 1yr Updates


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The GIS files in this package provide detailed coordinate data for international maritime boundaries and any specially designated maritime areas that might be associated with those boundaries. Product restrictions can be found by reading this license. The boundary data includes one or more of the following components:

  • International maritime boundary in a polyline format
  • Special areas in polygon format (if included as part of the boundary)
  • Directional arrowheads in point format (if the boundary’s terminal point has yet to be defined)

The boundary data is provided in the following GIS formats:

  • Shapefile – for use with QGIS, Globalmapper and other GIS software
  • KMZ – for use with Google Earth
  • File geodatabase – for use with ESRI software

This package also includes updates (published bi-yearly) for 1 year. The most updated version can be obtained at any time by re-downloading the product from the receipt email.