These two products for the US-Mexico maritime boundary in the Pacific are available as free downloads. They show the design and content of the Boundary Brief PDFs and the GIS Data packages sold in the store. By downloading either of these files, you are agreeing to abide by the data license agreement terms and conditions.


GIS Data Sample Boundary

The files in our GIS package provide detailed coordinate data for international maritime boundaries and any specially designated maritime areas that might be associated with those boundaries. The boundary data includes one or more of the following components: a) international maritime boundary, b) special areas (if included as part of the boundary), and c) directional arrowheads (if the boundary’s terminal point has yet to be defined).


Boundary Brief Sample

International Mapping’s Boundary Briefs contain an exact account of the cartographically operative language from bi-lateral agreements, arbitral awards or court judgments, that define the maritime boundary and, if applicable, other maritime areas that received special recognition. The briefs also contain helpful insights on delimitation methodologies, coastal geography, territorial sovereignty, geodetic datums, and more. You will also receive a large-scale map that prominently features the boundary and any specially defined maritime zones that are considered to be an integral part of the boundary delimitation.