The information contained in this web site has been compiled by International Mapping, a full-service custom-mapping firm that specializes in matters pertaining to the establishment of international boundaries, both on land and at sea. Cartographers at International Mapping have for many decades assisted sovereign States with understanding, identifying and more fully realizing the maritime entitlements afforded them by the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). Our expertise in evaluating boundary claims and assessing the opposing views of neighboring States is unparalleled. No other mapping entity in the world—public or private—has more maritime boundary litigation experience than International Mapping, and our new maritime database is a derivative of this work. It has been designed to provide users with a concise synopsis of the world’s maritime boundaries that is both accurate and up-to-date.

The development of this web site has been a team effort requiring input from a number of our highly skilled employees. Alex Tait is project coordinator and responsible for overseeing the design, functionality and construction of the site. Assisting with production are Tim Montenyohl (design), Mark Rabenhorst (programming), Kevin Danaher (GIS), Marissa Wood (research and production) and Vickie Taylor, Kim Clark, Judy Nielsen (cartography).

Dr. Robert Smith and Scott Edmonds, each with more than thirty years of practical experience working on matters concerning UNCLOS, authored the Boundary Briefs. Dr. Smith, formerly a geographer specializing in maritime affairs at the U.S. Department of State, has served as our primary author on the briefs. Scott Edmonds has assisted with drafting, editing and directed all cartographic production.

This database is the cornerstone of International Mapping’s core business of maritime boundary consulting and will therefore be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. However, the data contained herein is being offered for informational purposes only, and International Mapping makes no warranties or representations as to its accuracy or completeness in every instance. Users are encouraged to report errors, omissions, or new information through our feedback form.


Scott Edmonds
President, International Mapping

  • MA in Geography, University of Maryland College Park, 1979
  • BA in Geography, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 1975

Areas of expertise

  • Interpretation and application of UNCLOS
  • Geographic and cartographic consultant to sovereign States
  • Preparation of risk analysis studies for oil and gas firms
  • Design and production graphics for oral presentations
  • Expert witness in U.S. State and Federal Courts


Robert Smith

Special Consultant

  • Ph.D. in Geography, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 1980
  • MA in Geography, University of Rhode Island, 1973
  • BA in Political Science, Bucknell University, 1971

Areas of expertise

  • Interpretation and application of UNCLOS
  • Geographic consulting in international boundary negotiations
  • Establishing zones of maritime jurisdiction under UNCLOS
  • Expert witness in U.S. Supreme Court and International Tribunals
  • Educator and author on maritime issues